How I feel

I hate how we have drifted apart

But then…

If you making no effort for me

Stick on your life

Why should I?

You took all your insecurities

And twisted them into my flaws

One day you will miss how I cared about you

Tears will be nothing but a drop of water

You taught me that love would be an amazing thing

But still taught me;

Love will keep me up till midnight

Crying softly to myself

Wondering how much more pain i can endure

I will forget what you said

I will forget what you did


Will never forget how you made me feel

I am used to it you might think

Am used to being left out

Am used to being the second choice

And the back up friend

Am used to it

And tired of it

You will never understand the pain you caused

Unless the same thing was done to you.. 

Because there is always a message in the way every man treats you



Author: ellyjoy

A student at Kenyatta university. An artist and bold.

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