Cost of rape

This cigarette is still burning

And this smoke tickles my nose

I feel numb

I can’t feel my skin

I close my sicken eyes

As graceful tears crawl down my face

I take one biter whiskey shot

And my head starts to race

I can see my black mascara on my tears

As those drops of art drop on my breast

The scratches of dried blood

Which decorate my chest

My red lipstick smeared

I shove more pills in my mouth

As I chase with more shots

He was too heavy

I couldn’t get him off

He crashed my soul over and over

As he thrusted deeper inside

My world slowly darkened

For the fight and pain

I woke up dirty and bloody

From the sound of my screams

I remember his eyes

How he watched me walk

Now the whiskey bottle is empty

And I hold a razor against my wrist

And watch my blood paint the floor

The darkness backs again

And now it’s all around

The room is full of smoke still

And it’s moving so slowly

Now am weak

Am seated reading that note on the floor


And weakly smile at the body of me bleed

Indeed an expensive cost

For the price of rape


Author: ellyjoy

A student at Kenyatta university. An artist and bold.

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