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I said let it go 

meanwhile let it stay

My words drawn back

Like a string stuck in River

Back to the inner

I am stuck between peace and violence

Love and hate

Racism and democracy

Tribalism and one nation

Like the fight within me itself

Is not worth loosing my blood

It’s intellectual battle

That need intelligent minds

My brain very naive

So peace…

Of mind and sorrounding

Like moon in the dark let it glow

Let your heart

Love and make peace

For a country

For a nation

For the world

 Rare_ words_ joy


I feel like silence is now at the peak And the cue is now seen

My inner spirit gathered

Which I guessed was a meeting of making me sane

Have been left in pools of anger

With burning flames with more than a million sulphar fires

Which make me shake out back

Maybe greating my yesterday with a “good bye”

Still the follow is unlimited


Change your choices

It’s a plan 

Never tried,

Like a candle at first burnt

Flames, wax… It’s gone

I burry it in roses 

And smear it’s back

With olive oil and perfume

Oooh past…

Hope it’s the last time I see you…




That evening

The Shortest I ever had

The big monster clouds

That chase behind me 

Am igninited by self love

Against the candles

That blow the light deep in me

Am a lost pen 

 ink filled

It’s not an half life

It’s a life in halves

My count to a hundred

Still is not summing

To the years I want

My pen won’t cribble

For it’s drying up

From the cloggings

The lack of space

We always talk about

This evening

Will rain

My tears will swallow me

And my quest 

Will please thee


This puzzle

At times I get furious

At times mad

I curse my self 

Every tickle of my heart

I have told people of my dreams

The little birds creeping in every corner

The beaks put me off

 But why?

They get scared

I tell what am never afraid of



You think am wierd

I get strange dreams…

 But, As much as I try write

These ghost eyes won’t let me say

Those rotten scars won’t let me breath

I got much within me

Though million questions unanswered

Am trying understand what makes me write this

But the conscience

Will grudge within itself

And forget I need help

This the puzzle controlling me

 not confusion

not hatred

…Unasnwered question



So as the movement of the moon

And stillness of the sky

Comes to an end

Then the beginning of it as a new life comes

When conjested brains

Strain to release the common sense

And there is no sense in every thing common

My soul and my body

Are tearing apart


They will not agree

In what makes sense

I feel the force

The struggle, fight

The pain, 

the pull in me

My soft heart is left bleeding

The friction of the two 

Makes it wear off

And my heart still bleeds

I am running out of choices

I don’t know what to choose

My little brain will not help

But my eyes will shed the tears

I have always concealed 

In my brain

But a message to my soul

I will apply oil on your untoned layer

And protect you from fights

I will save you from heartbreaks

And keep you by me

And I hope you will guide me

When I will be less on hope

Dear soul



I may say am tired of my life

Maybe should take a deeper breath to forgive myself

It’s like a fifth a century

It sounds like a whole century to me

I tied my self up with esteem issues

Which still stand tall on my head 

The million times I said am okey

I regret every single hour that have not been me

I admit I made mistakes

Overstepping boundaries that made me fake

I owe every creature I lied to apology

I wake up every morning

Cursing my yesterday

I always say I will not do the things I did yesterday

It has turned out an addiction

I had always said I will try 

But have turned around

I try erase it but there is a ghost line left

I break hearts of many

I am hateful

These are the irreversible mistakes

I just want to die

The unreturned words 

Unreversible words full of lies

I will get any kind of rope or a knife will do
A gun
Sleeping pill

An overdose to death

Am wishing my past would be reset

I am almost dying

But no one noticing

I want to gather my shame

And sweep away my blood

And become full of myself

Where is my self love?

Am looking for my special piece

That may change me

But I know my mistakes remain unsolved

My mistakes are are a complete damage




I will wait for the sun orange,

I will wait to feel the evening breeze

The sweet caressing sun rays

The tender rub on my shoulder

I will wait to tell you I love you

We have so many patches

In this short time 

But Everytime you called

I would turn on a dime

I started as a friend 

But I promise to keep it till end

When we first met and fell in love

We were young and dumb

I know am complicated

 times frustrated

But keep your love

I will pick the Stars from the sky an give them to you

I will gather my love kisses for you

I will give my all to you

Be mine forever

Hold my hand Let’s be together

Let’s fly heaven above

And let the world know we in love