Art 5


As I was strolling the streets of art, today I came across Esau Osome. He is a Kenyan artist who does mostly abstracts to express his ideas. He has specialised in Cubism style of drawing but also, Incorporates beautiful monochromatic schemes of colour creating beautiful shades and more also help to relate to the title and the drawing itself.

One of his paintings are “sprouting out”

Sprouting out.

A painting full of detail and meaning. It is seen as a seed germinating, from the left side of the painting, the seed is inside the pot and it’s seen sprouting out. It is sprouting out where there is a shirt and a tie like school uniform. Next to the sprouting seed there is a jar with pens. On the middle of the paintings there are books and on the left too. Education and books is meant to nature our human brains and that’s why the seed’s germination and growth are composited together with books “education”.

The second piece is “A moment in time”

A moment in time

A painting of a naked woman posing for a picture. She has covered her loins with leaves Her body is between leaves but most of her parts are visible. Her face is covered with leaves showing she had a moment maybe not everyone needed know her but sure she enjoyed. The beautiful curved on her body a well representation of a woman. she is leaning on a wall with orange clth with a huge blue lace. Her background is made of cubes showing the direction of light.

These kind of paintings would be left for rooms where people meet for conversations or meals like the sitting room or the dinning. The coulous are useful for the improvement of the mood of the room. They could also be used for sitting areas where the interior is too dull to improve the brightness of the room and create a better jovial serenity.




Blaine29 is a contemporary Graffiti Kenyan artist, who started to paint as early as 11years, where she used water colour to explore her talent. She uses emotions ,the environment and dreams as her inspiration in her pieces and most of all life; life itself is inspiring.

Her art style is a very intriguing that leaves alot to your imagination. One of her paintings Lust series with tinny details compositing to two images of a male and a female. which I could describe as surrender to the L-ass-t. The beautiful flow of the purple colour for the body. It’s a colour of good judgment and spiritual fulfilling. it also symbolises wisdom magic and mystery. This Is the mystical imagination left by the painting itself Lust series.

Lust Series

A painting of a lady with background of a sunflower.. The sun is lighting up her face leaving the yellow and orange reflections on the surface of her facial skin bringing out the colour contrast which is beautiful. Nirvana is seen as a lady, she has placed her hand on her neck with her hair flowing down to the back with the dark black shade.


A painting full of “passion” and ecstacy. The graffiti effect has made it a unique creation with
flaw of secondary colours. Red and black have been use for shadows.

A collection of her paintings would be used as an embracement of bedroom mood and would fit on a white or Any colour that would complement these painting. Another place they could be displayed is on the sitting room to embrace the serenity and improve the General look.


Art 3


Abstract art is open to any interpretation and that’s what makes unique. It gives the freedom to explore art works and assign meaning to them freely. Abstracts are made of lines shapes and color to bring into perspective what the artist wanted understood.

Jere Sonko is one of the few Kenyan abstract artists and his works are known by his use of warm hues to express his artistic touch. He has a fine eye of compositing shapes to make a meaningful abstract art as a form of expression.

strength is a woman

A painting full of warmth and passion “strength of a woman”, composed of silouette of two figures one is that of a woman woman with a basket of colourful fruits while the second head and shoulders of a man. With light on his face like an enlightened soul. Below is a hand of a woman stretching out holding a pot with her hands. after the two figures there are color patterns drawing from the two images with colourful warm monochromes of colours. The whole painting has a feel of brightness an emphasis on empowerment.


Piece named “Celebration”, with the beauty of African traditional ceremonial setting of drummers performing in a celebration using the djembe Drums. This painting has a rich exploration of color and has made it have beautiful curved patterns with shades of blue flowing down a sign of wisdom and richness their culture. The artist has used alot of blue which will add calmness to the interior.

The profile

A fascinating portrait of a lady looking on her left, with a turban on her head with zigzag patterns. Her body has been completed with lines and shapes to finish the profile picture. Sonko has used a blend of colours to enhance his piece show movement of light. There is a shape of olds African combs painted in blue and coloured aligned dots.

More of his works are like the Double mask. A painting with two masks looking in different sides with shades of yellow. This painting has patters from cons creating the two masks.

Double mask

These paintings are full of optimism and inspiration from colours used to patterns and shapes. Sonko’s paintings could be used on plain walls to improve the mood, by the calming shapeson them. They could be used as a form of decoration on rooms with plain interior doors or more places with contrasting colours of from the art works and increase the warmth feel.




Landscape paintings has dominated the visual art industry since the the 15th century in Europe. It was used to express religious sceneries like the Egyptian settings. With time landscape paintings were later adopted in the 19th century to display beautiful sceneries of different areas which included objects of nature like, sun, trees mountains etc. It has grown since then and has been used by alot of artists later to express their love for nature and different places all over the world.

Samuel Njuguna Njoroge is a Kenyan artist who has painted mostly landscapes and seascapes of where he has grown, Kenya. He is mostly inspired by the beautiful African landscapes, the people and their culture.

Through experimentation by use of different mediums, Samuel has been able to create beautiful paintings with a great touch of colour. He has managed to create wavy like texture that is felt in most of his paintings. Colour being a major element that he considers while doing his works, have created a colourful sponteneous overall look of all his works.

Market Day

A painting of people cycling to different directions. He has used human silouette figures on the bicycles, with black and white colours to show the direction of light. This painting depicts an ideal market day in the past when people used bicycles to go to the market unlike these days where people use cars. He has used both male and female figures a full representation of gender. His style of painting these figures which mostly looks like hatching has been used which Is quite unique and adds more to the texture felt on them.

Some of the paintings he has done for example are “country side”, which is a painting of Kenya ln landscape. It shows a mountain view with tea farms descending from the mountains and the scenery of tea pickers. The main subject of the paintings however is the “Matatu” – Minibus which is fully loaded and actually moving on the brown soiled road with people hanging from its back door.

Country side

Escaping the storms is also another piece from his collection, that has a different scenery. It is a painting of fishermen with canoes trying to get them to the shore. There are dark clouds at the background which is a sign of storms and heavy waves and so they are pulling them to the shore as an escape.

Escaping The Storms

Apart from that He has also created several paintings with the coastal architectural locale. For example Raising the sails; this painting has buildings that convey Arabic architural designs, that were made mostly in the 19th century when Arabs came in in Kenya. On this Painting we have boats made of wood being sailed across the ocean and palm trees waving from the background -a perfect coastal settings. He has used colours richly to show different aspects like water, and the shadows on the water surface of the boats.

Raising the sails

Due to the rich colour feel in Njuguna’s painting style, his paintings could be used for decoration of rooms, hallways, hotels and beauty parlours to complement the interiors and bring the playful and jovial atmosphere. Due to his style of texturing, his pieces would be an added advantage to complement plain smooth walls with his paintings, to show a variation of textures, and tones.


Art 1

Dickson Nedia Were a Kenyan based realist artist.
“The power of painting comes from inspiration, dreams and visions, an artist has a very different eye that’s why they see things differently” That is what Dickson posted on his face book page after posting a number of his art works which I believe are drived by his words.
He has made a wide range of artworks, with different themes but the main thing that attracts about his arts and what makes them distinctively unique is his use of color. He has used mostly primary colours to explore shades and lighting in paintings. Another thing that has made them exclusively unique is the use of Magazine and news papers; patterns of words to cover the negatives of paintings. He as always left out legible News papers headlines for the viewers to see and the rest of the script scribbles with black pen mostly. However he has used this type of style in some of his paintings exclusively where the background remain plain and the negatives all covered with newspapers prints. Apart from that he has made paintings which are portraits themselves but with a beautiful touch of colour that shows the position of lighting

Oma boy
A picture of a young boy with traditional African wear. horns hanging from his head attached to the bamboo stem beads down his face, which makes its a beautiful African look. He has worn a “Shuka” to cover for the shirt, a Kenyan traditional wear.

Dickson Always use the headlines of the Newsletters, to express the theme that relates to the title of the paintings. Like the painting with the title “The Woman Power” produced in 2020 has huge words like “Bold” “Happy” etc very visible to the viewer.

The African Woman

This painting of a portrait of a woman, shows Boldly how the African Woman has risen from the Old notion of a society where women had no say, to Passionate and well mentored women. Dickson’s way of describing a woman is well seen as Tough, persistent, energetic, passionate, bold, inspiring, Happy, protected and more also a Missionary Woman. That would be described as a perfect description of quite a range of Women in Africa who are actually rising day by day. In his perspective that is how women have been in the past few years, which is very motivational.


The piece names Audacity shows an eye catching picture of a small sad girl who would be termed “savage”. Her face outwardly shows how ready she is ready to bring off her veil whenever she is provoked. She is full of bad news.

Some of the paintings he make are good for interiors with plain colors to complement the hues. They could be good for sitting rooms and mostly offices since they actually have words that can match the motto and missions for different corporation, NGO’s offices ,Hospitals and more also for personal room decoration.

By Ellyjoy

Evening Sounds

It was a cool evening ,but extremely chilly
all the sounds around me were getting louder and louder in my ears
the sound of the swaying of trees on the path walks was louder and more vivid like the branches were to fall, for the cracking sounds they made
The closer I got to the highway.. the louder I could feel the engine sounds of each car and the the acceleration brakes made the sounds more surreal, Some were soft and others were hard and loud

The inconsistent changes of sounds gave me chills, The reason crossing was getting harder for me, with the traffic.

The heavy weight of the machines on the road that made the tarmack pebbles produce sounds like crashing,
I could feel and see every rotation of the tyre rims .. and how the endless motion, with the soft sound of the grind of the oiled metals connecting them to the body…

The sounds were too real and loud all at once,

a feeling had never had before,

Maybe that how my brain connected to my third eye



This evening been staring at the moon,

reminding me how lonely you made me feel under your arms
and the void around your chest
The heavy empty breath
that was flowing deep to my spine
just to realize it was emptying me to a void
you filled me with emptyness
and slowly I was fading away

My heart was left to fill it self up
with the insufficient love
that was left gripping on the tiny broken pieces
that were barely trying to hold back together
only to realize it took me to bring them back…



That pretty smile.
and the sweet scent Of the poisonous kiss
with the smooth petite curves and yellow African skin
that made her look like a goddess
the little, smooth, jelly pie,
with the teasing that weaken your heart
she likes her body with your body,
muscles better and nerves more
She likes your body and what it does to her
more its hows
the way you kiss away her innocence and little,
left with her soul on your lips
she likes the thrill
of under you…
so quite new!!


I kept saying i am okey
And people accepted that i am busy calming my fears and finding my courage
I was keeping in touch with what i thought was real
i was busy connecting with the real world
and questioning my answers,i was being present for life
but an amazing thing came into me
then i realized,
not looking forward to special events,
every moment after that, i felt like a human being
just riding the wave that is life
with this contentment and joy
for my veil was lifted and a whole new perspective was born.


My emotions outraged
i stand at the middle of the road
with the battles have won and lost
in this game of pretense
For my own battle is looking straight into my eyes
through the mirror when my soul tries to search for itself
but all i tell myself
will keep searching,
even when it gets cold and the grey sky falls from the air
I will keep walking and listening to that tune no matter where i find myself,
inside the doom of dark
or the cracking white gaze of the moon in the valley of snow…
Till i find the lost part of my soul within my gaze.